Credit Audit - Honore Credit Consultant
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Credit Audit

What is a Credit Audit?

If you’re like most people, your eyes glaze over while you’re trying to read a credit report. Or, perhaps it makes you frustrated or angry, with its confusing terms and needless complexity. Worse, while there are three major credit bureaus, each with their own credit reports, there are nearly uncountable other credit report providers who use their own, specialized versions, too! And, of course, when you find a major error–such as a bankruptcy unlawfully reporting after more than 10 years, student loans reporting as “failed to pay” instead of in deferment, or even someone else’s negative accounts reporting as yours–it’s only natural to be too upset to think!

Comprehensive Report

Receive a complete breakdown of everything reporting on your credit.

Debt Utilization

Learn what accounts to pay down and how much to maximize your utilization ratios.

Impact Report
Understand the impact accounts have on your scores to help make better decisions.
Action Items
Take actions on items you can control with our action plan to help improve your scores.

Our Experience Can Improve Your Life

This is where having an experienced, professional eye reviewing your report can be priceless. We know what to look for, and very little will surprise us. A key part of understanding the value of our Credit Audit service is our approach: We look for noncompliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) first and foremost. We also know what types of errors make a substantial difference in your credit scores, and what may not be worth the time, effort, and money to dispute (like an inaccurately reporting address in most cases). Furthermore, many folks feel embarrassed that they aren’t already credit experts, themselves. For instance, they might not like to admit that they don’t know what a “charge-off” is. That’s okay! We can explain such things. Or you can simply leave it up to us and we’ll get on with disputing such items that may be inaccurate.

Dissecting the Details

We also understand the importance of technical data–seemingly inconsequential numbers like the dates an account was opened or the date of last activity. These details can have major effects, such as when the “statute of limitations” is up on an account, or can even cause some accounts to be reported twice! It takes professional experience to notice such things and know how to dispute them. We take all these things into consideration while reviewing your report, and more, not just the negative information. We also use our knowledge of how the credit scoring systems work. FICO uses multiple criteria for computing your FICO credit score, including the ratio of “credit utilization”, that is, your total debt compared to your total credit limits. We can help you apply for new credit, and figure out which cards to pay down or pay off, based on FICO’s models and your particular situation.