Credit Monitoring - Honore Credit Consultant
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Credit Monitoring

Credit Monitoring in Real Time

Monitoring your credit in real time is an essential part of the credit repair process. Naturally, you’ll want to know when your FICO scores go up or down! But that’s not the only reason. With our affiliated credit monitoring service, we’ll be able to update and review your updated credit report and credit scores every month. In between report updates, credit monitoring will alert both you and us when a new account or negative item is added. This allows both of us to keep track of new activity, in real time, and helps you anticipate its effect on your credit scores, and therefore your progress.

24/7 Access

Our affiliated credit monitoring service helps provide insight into the real-life, daily effects of the credit repair process. It draws this information directly from the credit bureaus. While sometimes opening certain types of accounts can temporarily cause one’s credit score to dip, as can dispute investigations in progress, these temporary effects aren’t cause for alarm, as the end result is usually a net improvement in your credit scores. That’s our goal!

Alerts and Updates

Credit monitoring also alerts you to potential fraud, misreported accounts that are not yours or are inaccurate,  or collections that you weren’t notified of, and many other kinds of harmful activity you would not otherwise know about. Essentially, with credit monitoring you’re able to keep a hand on the steering wheel at all times as we progress through the credit repair process together toward your financial future!